Taste the Season

So much food to discover in the Ottawa region.

Maple season has arrived in the region, brought on by the combination of warmer days and still cool nights. This magical time of year means the sap is flowing and maple syrup season is here once more.

Across the region, many will hear the steady drip of that wonderful sap filling buckets, or catch a glimpse of the intricate twisting connection of sap lines wind through the region’s forests on their way to various sugar shacks, accented by the wind carrying the sweet aroma of boiling sap and old-fashioned wood burning fire.

These traditional tell-tale signs invite you to delight your taste buds with this decadent, thickened syrup. Whether drizzled over snow or pancakes, featured in delicious recipes or even brewed into seasonal beer and whiskey, the maple season never fails to disappoint with its wide options.

It’s Maple Syrup Season!



These Seasonal Tastes are brought to you by members of Savour Ottawa—seek them out at the farmers’ gate, a farmers’ market, a restaurant menu, or a retail shelf. And find them all conveniently on our Savour Ottawa Buy Local Food Guide map or app!