Dorothy’s Ducks: My Favourite Farm

What is this Taste?

The best tasting chicken, duck, goose and turkey in the Ottawa Valley! It is raised at My Favourite Farm – commonly known as Dorothy’s Ducks, located near Cobden, Pembroke and Eganville.

The birds free range on green pastures all day. They shelter in the woods on hot days and the grain they eat is certified organic grain from Homestead Organics. We raise them for 16 weeks, which is twice as long as the industry standard. That is when they develop the most flavour and just before the meat gets tough.

Why should I come try it?

Try it because it is succulent, delicious local chicken. March is a great time to get it, because they are still available but going fast. We are already sold out of ducks, geese, turkeys, and goat meat! All of these (including chicken) will be available again from September on. In the meantime, when you want a salubrious meal of the best chicken in the Ottawa Valley, treat yourself to a chicken from My Favourite Farm.

I'm convinced! Where can I find it?

The Ottawa Farmers  Market at Landsdowne Park every Sunday

The Carp Farmers Market from May until October

And online at:

Visit & Savour:

Try this Taste and tell us what you think! Find it here and discover a new part of the Ottawa region.

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